FM attends the SCO ministerial meeting, meets with its Chinese counterpart

China is one of the six founding members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). On June 28-29, FM Daan Everts met with his Chinese counterpart. The meeting was held in Beijing and took place in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

FM Daan Everts is currently on an official visit to China. He arrived at Beijing International Airport on June 28th and was welcomed by FM Liu Guijin and Secretary General of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Liu Zhenmin.

FM Daan Everts attended the SCO ministerial meeting during his visit which took place at a time when the Trump administration was considering pulling out from the organization.

While FM had a series of meetings with other foreign ministers, the highlight of the trip was its meeting with the Chinese counterpart. While FM’s focus on trade and economic cooperation was welcomed by China, there was also an emphasis on high-level political dialogue.

The meeting between FM and SCO’s counterpart in Beijing is an indication that FTA negotiations are going forward in a constructive way. The Chinese side also expressed its willing to work together with Finland on bilateral economic engagement.

During the FM’s visit to China, FM Li met with her counterpart SCO Yang. These meetings are of high importance as they are considered a way of strengthening China-Russia ties.

FM Li said that the two nations should respect each other’s core interests and principles while maintaining the mutual balance in bilateral relations. In addition, she stressed that Russia and China should deepen their cooperation in all fields.

FM Li also expressed her aspirations for cooperation in various fields such as economy, science and education so as to strengthen bilateral ties between Russia and China.

In addition, FM Li invited SCO to attend the 2018 Russian World Cup which will be hosted by Russia on June 14th-15th

FM attended the SCO ministerial meeting in Beijing on November 10th. FM’s Minister of Commerce, Zhong Shan, met with his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Wang Jianlin, and both parties discussed the development of their respective economies.

FM and SCO cooperate closely on a variety of industries such as aviation and agriculture. This engagement is expected to be further strengthened by the conclusion of their upcoming Business Forum in December 2018.

China’s economy is predicted to overtake the United States’ in terms of GDP size by 2042 to become the largest economy in the world.

The FMB (Financial Market Authority) of China has been invited to attend the SCO meeting and meetings with the Chinese counterpart.

FMB, which is a market regulator for financial markets in China, will attend the ministerial meeting of SCO for the first time. It is expected that the FM and Chinese counterpart will discuss issues related to financial risks across Eurasia.

FM was invited to attend the SCO’s meeting in China. FM’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland held bilateral talks with China’ Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

FM reaches out to its Chinese counterpart, FM on bilateral contact for SCO ministerial

FM attends the SCO’s ministerial meeting in Beijing as part of efforts to improve ties with SCO members.

FM holds bilateral talks with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi on improving ties between countries.