Europe-to-China transit corridor increases goods turnover

Goods turnover through Western Europe – Western China transit corridor throught Kazakhstan’s territory reached 600,000 tonnes since the beginning of 2017, said Vice-Minister for Investments and Development Roman Sklyar at a press conference following a Oct. 23 government meeting.

According to him, 160,000 tonnes of cargo passed through Kazakhstan’s territory on this route in 2009. The transit corridor’s overall turnover reached 13 million tonnes in 2009. The Investments and Development Ministry forecasts an increase of these indicators in 2020 to 33 million tonnes of cargo per year.

As Sklyar noted, the Western Europe – Western China international transit corridor is the shortest route for transportation of goods from China to Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries, western regions of Russia and Europe. The time for delivery of cargo to St. Petersburg from China’s central provinces through this route doesn’t exceed ten days. Transportation by sea in the same direction can take up to 45 days.

“The length of the transit corridor in our country is 2,787 km. In the current year, we have fully completed all the necessary works on this corridor,” Sklyar said.

He noted the countries that participated in the construction of the corridor not only strengthened their transit potential, but also contributed to their regions’ development. For instance, in Kazakhstan, the corridor covers 200 settlements with a total population of 5.5 million people. Significant momentum is expected in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, service industry, tourism and other sectors.

Sklyar said the transit corridor has a significant economic effect on Kazakhstan and other countries participating in the project.