Kazakhstan backs new UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea

Kazakhstan voted Sept. 11 for a UN Security Council resolution to impose new sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, said the Foreign Ministry press service. The resolution was unanimously adopted in response to the sixth and most powerful nuclear test North Korea conducted on Sept. 3.

“We regret to note that the DPRK continues relentlessly violating the resolutions adopted by the Security Council and this inevitably leads to greater implications for the country and its leaders,” said Kazakh Permanent UN Representative Kairat Umarov following the vote.

He expressed hope Pyongyang will embrace the path of prudence and dialogue.


“Having launched a series of advanced ballistic missiles, the DPRK shook the planet with its terrible nuclear tests again. The irresponsible policy of North Korea negatively affects the global nuclear non-proliferation process and undermines the collective efforts to ensure a nuclear-free future of the planet,” he added.

As a country seriously affected by nuclear tests, Kazakhstan supported the new resolution, hoping it would remind Pyongyang that the world does not accept North Korea’s nuclear programme, noted the statement.

The resolution bans exports of textiles from North Korea and imposes an embargo on gas condensate deliveries to the country. It also caps North Korea’s crude oil and refined petroleum products imports. The document empowers countries to inspect vessels at sea in case an embargo violation is suspected. The resolution includes sanctions against the Workers’ Party of Korea, including its Central Military Commission, as well as individual sanctions on People’s Armed Forces Minister Gen. Pak Yong Sik.